January 21, 2019

“Year in Review” (2018)

2018 was a great year.

Want more details from the events showcased in our “Year in Review” video? Here they are!


We went regionally viral with over 100K impressions on our first post of the new year.
Our aerial footage of the Bismarck area coated in a thick frost was the first thing we published last year. This video found a huge audience on Facebook and was viewed over 91,000 times. In North Dakota, we are familiar with this occasional frost, but we were able to capture a unique perspective on a gorgeous display of frigidity.



We played with pyrotechnics.
We did some stunting and camera tricks on a spec. ad for Gillette. (***No beards were harmed during the filming of this video***)



We won 10 Addy awards, including Best of Show.
What is an Addy award? Well, the American Advertising Federation hosts one of the industry’s largest creative competitions, attracting nearly 35,000 professional and student entries each year through local club competitions. The Addy Awards are given to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in advertising. We won the Best of Show award in the regional competition last year. There is only one Best of Show awarded for the whole competition each year. We were honored to claim this title for the state of North Dakota (typically, a much-larger company in Minneapolis wins this prestigious award). We also won four GOLD Addy awards, and five SILVER Addy awards.



We got RED certified in Chicago.
The cinema camera we use is in REDs DSMC2. This equipment is used for multi-million dollar movie productions (ie. Guardians of the Galaxy.) We believe in having the best tools for the job. So, we sent two of our team (Caleb and Zach) to the RED training in Chicago. We were very comfortable shooting with this camera previously, but we wanted to become certified and learn straight from the creators of this amazing system. There is so much this technology is capable of and we are excited every time we get to use it.



We collaborated with Microsoft to help them share the importance of new & innovative technology.
Microsoft contacted us in reference to a mutual client. We filmed a set of videos for their internal use to display their Internet of Things systems and the current applications of automation within companies and industries. This company was previously behind in the technology race, but our video displays this client now as an industry-leader.



We added a 1000 sq. ft. expansion to our office.
Adding to our 2,000 sq. ft. studio located on 212 W Main Ave was a huge step for us in 2018. We did almost the whole build-out ourselves and could not be more grateful to our awesome landlord for supporting us in this expansion. We are now able to do more with our space.

This new space lets us do all this without interrupting our workflow:

  • Have a state-of-the-art film studio rental space in North Dakota
  • Host community events
  • Hold meetings in an all-new conference room
  • Record voice-overs in a brand-new sound booth

Oh, and we filmed the entire Year in Review video in-house!



We (finally) put a sign on our building.
One of our amazing clients, Fisher Industries volunteered to fabricate a big metal sign for the office/studio. They delivered the sign (powder-coated black) right as winter began in 2017, and we weren’t able to install it until months later. But, it sure makes coming to work feel like home. We installed power-saving RGB LED lighting (controlled by a smarthome device) behind the sign to give it that 24 hr. appeal. You may have noticed at Christmas we had the lights blinking green and red 🙂



We hosted an open casting-call for the local community.
29 people attended our first-ever casting call in 2018. We used these profiles to begin assembling a catalog of regional talent. If you are interested in being a part of our next casting call, stay tuned! We also received some online video submissions. Contact joel@threefold.tv if you are interested in submitting a video profile.



One of our Co-Founders got married.
Keenan Hauff married his beautiful wife, Hannah, on Sept. 15th. Both the ceremony and reception were beautiful, and we are so glad he found a gal to spend the rest of his life with.

Good luck, Hannah!



We added a Project Manager to our team.
Joel Land, a Bismarck native, moved his small family from Chattanooga, TN to add his experience and personality to our team. Be on the lookout for a Pub. post titled “Who is Threefold?” for more details about him and the rest of our team.




Oh yeah… and we captured content. A lot of content.
After some quick calculations, we captured over 30 terabytes of video content in 2018. That’s more than 21 million floppy disks of video! Basically, if you laid all those floppy disks out they would create a bridge from Bismarck to Los Angeles.

Or if you stacked them pancake-style, the stack would be 50-miles tall!

Or you could just think of 6,383 DVDs worth of video.

Or just a LOT of video content, including …

Company profiles.
Web content.


And even an award-winning short film. See Zach Wentz’s trailer for his short-film, HAM and watch it on-demand!

2018 was great. Here’s to an even greater year ahead.

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