Threefold Turned Five!
July 3, 2019

Threefold Turned Five!

This June, Threefold celebrated its fifth birthday as a company.

Five years of reflection.

We threw a party to commemorate our beginnings, and look forward to the future.

While two-thirds of all small businesses will survive their first two years, SBA data shows that only half will survive beyond five years after opening. We’re grateful to be part of the surviving and growing half.

In these five years, we’ve built out a full-feature studio right in the heart of Bismarck, North Dakota, including a Cyclorama wall to film on with a lighting grid system in the ceiling. Not to mention, our 1,000 sq. ft. office space with a recording studio, editing room, and open desk pods featuring standing desks. There’s more to learn about that in our 2018 year-in-review article.

As Threefold has grown in years, it’s also grown in numbers. What started as a team of brothers quickly became a team of five—filming with a Red DSMC2 Helium, and an ambulance-turned-grip-truck full of gear for any production thrown at us.


Memorable Moments

As a team, we’ve had a lot of fun, and tons of memories. Here are a few of our highlights throughout the years:


I really enjoyed making Doug Burgum’s bus tour video. Something about making a light-hearted, funny video in the middle of a heated campaign that a lot of people really connected with was very tantalizing. Being in the workings of a old, beat-up bus was humanizing, and took politics out of the situation.


My favorite threefold memory is when we captured the split-screen TV spots for AgCountry. Our team had to come up with visuals that would compare an office environment to a farm. These spots were intensely storyboarded and got us thinking differently in terms of composition and scale which made for a really satisfying project.


My favorite Threefold memory? Hmm, all of the shoots are great, but there was a day when I drove to Beach, ND, to do some filming on a ranch. I’d never been to Beach, before, and quickly learned there wasn’t an actual beach there. There is, however, a lot of dust and sand—that’s half of what you need to have a beach. It was a beautiful shoot, nonetheless!


I think doing the NDGOP project was the most memorable.
It was such a cool day—being in the Capitol and having full reign of the place.
Then meeting all those folks who came into the studio and talked about who they are. It was really eye-opening to hear their stories outside of their role as a legislator.


I really enjoyed the work behind creating our ReQueue video for CoSchedule. There were so many moving parts and details to pay attention to—it was a really inspiring challenge to create in our Bismarck film studio.



The last 5 years have been inspiring to us as we’ve grown together as a company, and we can’t wait for all of those in store.


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