January 24, 2019

Minnkota Power Cooperative

Our Power is our People

For this project, we filmed in over a dozen different locations for five individual projects. These included producing a company profile video, recruitment video, and three 30-second spots illustrating the Value Of Electricity.

The last videos formed a unique ad campaign highlighting members of the community and the potential they have because of electricity provided by Minnkota Power Co-op.

This shoot was a relatively large project for us and we enjoyed filming in extremely varied settings. The video capture spanned over two months and even though we amassed tons of footage, we also came to understand the heart behind this company.

About Minnkota

As a cooperative, Minnkota Power represents their service area in a unique way. While some power companies operate as for-profit enterprises which answer to their investors, Minnkota operates with a different principle.

Their company is a not-for-profit co-op, seeking the best for the communities in their reach. They provide cost-of-service electricity, while giving their customers a voice to optimize the product they are receiving.

We quickly witnessed the difference this principle created in day-to-day for each employee. Most of the people we encountered during our multi-day shoot had grown up in the area—thus, they felt ownership and buy-in to what Minnkota is accomplishing in their region.

What Minnkota does is not about the bottom line, it’s about what’s best for their communities.


We were able to work alongside three members of Minnkota’s own team throughout the entire process of this shoot.

They gave us the freedom to create and do what we do best while offering support and providing on-site knowledge & access. Tweet This



Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Threefold. Getting to know individual team members of this large company clearly illustrated Minnkota’s slogan: Our Power is Our People.

From accountants, to HR, to maintenance, to IT, to mechanics, to linemen, to marketing, to customer service, Minnkota Power offers a large swath of careers. It was certainly energizing to witness each part of this team taking pride in what they do.

We filmed eight interviews over the course of three production days and shot in four different cities for this project. It quickly became evident that each employee had extremely specific roles, such that couldn’t be duplicated by just anyone. Representing the opposite end of the size spectrum at Threefold we also understand the importance of knowing your role and contributing to a team.

Currently operating with five people on our team, we hold at our core:

  • Hard-work
  • Communication
  • The ability to unite every day to accomplish a singular purpose

Learn more about our team!


The Golden Hour

During one of the final shoot days we were hoping to capture an aerial shot of the power plant exterior. It was hard to grasp the magnitude of the facility otherwise.

Snow flurries were scattered throughout the day since we were shooting in December. Our team kept an eye out the window all day, hoping for a break in the clouds. Hours of production passed by with little hope for our planned shot.

We loaded up after the interviews were filmed and drove out to the edge of the campus to wait for the sunset.

The forecast indicated a small percentage we would see blue sky, but the cloud cover seemed to say otherwise. We waited for over an hour for the sun to set. Just about the time we were about to head out and call it a loss, the most amazing thing happened.

Without our noticing, a small sliver of separation in the clouds had occurred at the horizon line. As the bottom of the burning sun peeked into that opening, the skyline burst into a bright orange like some sort of glowing fiber optic line. Our team had the drone launched in less than a minute and we flew for a total of five minutes to capture the image below.

We have come to find, it pays to be patient! Tweet This



At the end of the project, we feel a relationship built with the folks at Minnkota Power. This connection is always the goal with each of our clients. When both teams share their passion it becomes a win-win.


Kevin Jeffrey (photographer)

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