Minnkota: Electricity Works
April 1, 2020

Minnkota: Electricity Works

Plug it in… to where?

Imagine a dystopian world… one where there’s not energy on every wall. Instead of a river tirelessly creating electricity, you’re the one stuck winding up a generator: and if you don’t create enough of it, your alarm might not wake you up in the morning.

Your phone won’t be charged.

Your laundry — well, it would never get dried unless you pedaled on a stationary bike generator long enough for them to freshen up.

#BingeWatching a TV show might die off… because that requires a lot of power.


This is the world we created to bring our vision of electricity’s true value to life. Did you think about the electricity you used to power whatever device you’re using to read this article? (And for the one person that printed it out, did you think about the power used to print the paper out, and create that paper?)


We may have run out of toilet paper, but at least we haven’t run out of electricity!


The goal of this campaign was to demonstrate the value of electricity — something we often take for granted. We really had to think to ourselves… what scenarios would best represent this?

1. What if the world had no electricity at all?

2. What if the world had electricity, but the cost to receive it was much higher?

3. What if the world had electricity, but you had to make it on your own?

We went with option 3, and began asking ourselves: What situations would be made incredibly inconvenient as a result of manual electricity?

  • Would something like getting ready in the morning be difficult? (couldn’t use a hair dryer.)
  • How would you bake food? (60min spin class?)
  • Would every person be really fit because they were always powering something?

How far does any of this go?

Most recently, we’d produced an electric vehicle commercial with Minnkota, and leading up to that, we created  a series of videos showing the power of sharing electricity. These videos were an important precursor to the campaign in discussion.


You see, we’ve found that most companies aren’t willing to go avant garde the first time around. But as you prove your product in consecutive deliverables, your client will begin to trust you. In fact, the initial idea of a “manual electricity world” was actually brought to us by the folks at Minnkota!


We love having creative reigns during a project. It gives us the best chance at making something truly unique and impactful with our clients.

Check out our Electricity Works campaign

Below are the other two (of three) videos from this campaign (which ended up winning a Silver, Gold and Judge’s Choice Addy awards this year)


You can watch our Youtube video about the project here.

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